Thank you for joining us at The 7th European Cyclodextrin Conference!

We at CycloLab are pleased to announce that the 7th European Cyclodextrin Conference will be held in Budapest, Hungary on 5-8th September 2023.

The cyclodextrin market continues to expand year by year. Nowadays, more than 100 active ingredients are marketed in the form of various cyclodextrin-enabled formulations. Also, the publication dynamics show an ever-increasing trend. The objective of EuroCD2023 is to give the chance for the participants for sharing developments, exchange ideas and initiate future collaboration.

At the forefront of the EuroCD2023 will be the various pharmaceutical applications including the latest results in drug delivery, nanotechnology, gene/RNA delivery, and pipelines in cyclodextrin-enabled drug formulations. The demonstration of innovative cyclodextrin-based drug delivery systems such as pre-filled syringes, microneedle vaccines, nasal sprays, and others are expected. Other key areas will be the biological effects of cyclodextrins in close connection to cyclodextrins as active pharmaceuticals. Novelties in cyclodextrin production, food, cosmetic and environmental applications are also significant aspects of the conference. The new developments in the synthesis of bio-based and bioinspired cyclodextrin derivatives will be also highlighted. Both theoretical works and applied research have their importance in the programme.

The two-and-a-half-day agenda offers networking with academic researchers and industrial stakeholders. We plan to continue the traditions of this conference series (2009 Aalborg, Denmark; 2011 Asti, Italy; 2013 Antalya, Turkey; 2015 Lille, France; 2017 Lisbon, Portugal; 2019 Santiago de Compostela, Spain) with a special focus on young researchers and students. The aim of the meeting series is to provide a European platform for the enhancement of scientific knowledge on cyclodextrins and to promote the exploitation of their unique properties in various applications.

Further details are coming soon.

Éva Fenyvesi

Lajos Szente

Chairs of conference

Levente Szőcs