General information concerning enlistment

The Company is an economic entity dealing with the research and development and trading, importation, distribution, and the distribution’s organization of Sulfobilaterised Beta-Cyclodextrin-based (referred to in the market as: Dexolve) medical excipient. This present webpage contains and displays the information regarding the organization, agenda, definition of speakers and topics, as well as solving logistic matters of Cyclodextrin Conference to be held at Hotel Helia in Budapest (Conference)

The Conference will take place at Danubius Hotel Helia (address: Kárpát utca 62-64., 1133 Budapest, Hungary) between 5-8 September 2023 and the speakers may enlist by uploading the abstracts. The professional committee of the Company will supervise the applications and in case the decision is favourable the speaker’s application is accepted.

By applying on the Conference, you represent and warrant that the name and e-mail address (Data) you provided are identical to your real data and by providing those you do not violate any third parties’ personal rights or and other rights acquired in good faith.

The applicant will be notified by the Company upon the acceptance of the application and informs the applicant upon the news related to the Conference in bulletins.

By clicking you approve that the Company will send bulletins regularly concerning news, information, particulars of the Cyclodextrin Conference to be held from 5-8 September 2023 on the e-mail address provided by you, the latest until 30 days following the Conference. This approval remains in force until withdrawal.

The date provided by you will be stored by the Company in the programme called MiniCRM until the webpage of the Conference is activated and following this will be deleted with a final effect. The Data stored at MiniCRM will be handled by the Company confidentially and only those persons will be granted access even within the Company whose performance of work it is necessary. From the date when this webpage is transferred into the Conference’s webpage, it does not receive any more registrations. The stored Data may not be downloaded, and no copies may be made upon thereof.

By registering on the bulletin webpage does not mean the registration on the Conference webpage so you are required to register on the Conference’s webpage and the Conference itself separately. The Data of those who registered for the bulletin will be cleared from the bulletin webpage as and when the Conference webpage is activated.

Your approval may be withdrawn either by using the un-subscription link indicated at the bulletins, or by sending a letter titled “Unsubscribe from bulletin” on the e-mail address In this case the data you provided will be deleted from our registry.